About us

The diverse and complex aromatic delights that are typical to the Australian outdoors, are the inspiration behind quintessentially Australian (QA).

This boutique range of liquid soaps and candles epitomise the olfactory experience of several quintessentially Australian situations. From a hot salty breeze along a coastal shore, to the tart bush berries and foliage of the lush coastal bush ranges, QA brings you the scents of Australia.

With over ten years in the home fragrance industry, QA as an inspiration has evolved alongside my own love of the Australian bush. Hiking through the countless bush-tracks along the Eastern Coast of Australia, the fragrant delights of the Australian bush are unmistakable.  Be it the blooming Australian wattle mingled with the scent of crushed Eucalyptus leaves; the crisp green aroma of wet dense foliage under the canopy of the tropical rain forest palms; or more recently, the soft smokey residue from the catastrophic fires that engulfed so much of this beautiful native bush-scape. These are just some of the aromatic memory imprints of the Australian wilderness.

Keeping it simple, this range is based around 4 signature fragrances, each with its own unique profile and each blended with fragrance and Australian essential oils to create perfectly balanced scent experiences.

WOLLOMBI - A fragrance that epitomises the scent of freshly crushed gum leaves and fragrant bush flowers. Top notes of citrus and lemon myrtle follow through with mid notes of pine and eucalyptus. At its base, the deep greens of ripening Davidson plumb and nutmeg linger.

WHITEHAVEN - This stunning fragrance blend takes you on that coastal shore stroll with a salty warm breeze wafting through your hair. Crisp and clean, notes of sage and salt are quickly found underneath the fleeting top notes of lemon and lime.

RIBERRY TRACK - Riberry (Lilly Pilly), is a native Australian tree with bright pink edible berries. Inspired by the delicious tartness of this indigenous Australian fruit, this scent is full and memorable with top notes of seriously delicious sweet lemon and lime that rest upon mid notes of fresh picked bush fruits and tonka bean.

TINTINARA - An Australian town renowned for its production of HAY. Inspired by the scent of sun-parched lucerne, this scent has base notes of wood chip and tobacco, rounded off with bush florals and fleeting top-notes of blood orange.

With many years in the candle business, it always struck me how wasteful it was that a consequence of selling our candles to repeat customers, was their accumulation of candle jars. It also occurred to me that the standard 370ml tinned food can, was the perfect shape and size for a candle vessel. So if we could not find a way to logistically re-fill empty jars, we could at least re-use discarded tins. To this end, we have been collecting, cleaning, de-labelling, priming, and finally painting the tins for our signature vessel. Definitely a labour of love! And how eminently suitable they are for Quintessentially Australian. 

I love the way the horizontal ridges around the tins remind me of the corrugated iron roofs on the settler cottages I have encountered on my bush walks in the Lower Hunter Valley - or the classic water tank, barn or shed dwelling. These tins are in very good condition and any little dents that you may be lucky enough to find, are a testimony to beauty in these perfectly imperfect vessels. 

Whether you choose our home-styled tin candles or decide on our more luxe style matt jar candles and/or our stunning industrial style glass bottle liquid soaps - We hope you love our fragrant offerings of Australia as much we do.