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The diverse and complex aromatic delights that are typical to the Australian outdoors, are the inspiration behind Quintessentially Australian. This boutique range of natural luxury hand wash, body wash and luxe scented candles encapsulate the olfactory experience of several quintessentially Australian environments. From a hot salty breeze along a coastal shore to the tart bush berries and foliage of the lush coastal bush ranges, QA brings you the scents of Australia.

essence of australia

QA evolved alongside my love of the Australian bush and is inspired from hiking through the bush tracks along the Eastern Coast of Australia, and experiencing its fragrant delights. Be it the blooming Australian wattle mingled with the scent of crushed Eucalyptus leaves; the crisp green aroma of wet dense foliage under the canopy of the tropical rainforest palms; or the soft smoky residue from the catastrophic fires which sometimes engulf so much of this beautiful native bush-scape. These are just some of the aromatic memory imprints of the Australian wilderness.

thinking envionmentally

After years in the candle-making industry, it struck me how wasteful it was that a consequence of selling our candles to repeat customers, was their accumulation of candle jars. It also struck upon me that the standard 370ml tinned food can – an icon of Australian life – was the perfect shape and size for a candle vessel. So if we could not find a way to logistically re-fill empty jars, we could at least re-use discarded tins.

perfectly imperfect

To this end, we were collecting, cleaning, de-labelling, priming, and painting the tins for our signature vessel.

Fast forward two years and with an incredible case of RSI, it also became impossible to keep up with the demand for these tins. Therefore, we have had to call on the assistance of a tin recycling manufacturer to enable us to create our gorgeous tin candles.


Inspired by the delicious tartness of the Australian Lilly Pilly, this scent is full and memorable with a combination of pure essential oils and fragrant oils.  This candle has top notes of deliciously sweet bush lemon and rests upon mid notes of freshly picked bush fruits and a tonka bean base. 


This fragrance is inspired by my passion for the stunning bushland area in the Lower Hunter Valley of NSW. Wollombi’s scent is of freshly crushed gum leaves and fragrant bush flowers. Top notes of citrus and lemon myrtle follow through with mid notes of pine and eucalyptus beautifully held in a base of Davidson plumb and nutmeg. 


Inspired by the salty fresh breeze along one of Australia’s most stunning beaches, Whitehaven in North QLD. This scent conjures memories of a hot summer day, with crisp and sharp notes of sage and salt in the air underneath top notes of lime essential oil.


An ambient blend of fresh flora and fauna including leafy greens and fir needle with a smokey base of campfire embers and eucalyptus and mid notes of sweet bush florals.


This fragrance is reminiscent of a newly bursting rambling wild rose. The top notes are floral, but green and new. The mid notes extend to red ripe grapes combined with hints of lily of the valley and star jasmine.


This candle scent has been inspired by the region of upper South Australia, well known for its production of lucerne, Tintinara. This scent is a beautiful blend of dry hay, and tobacco on a base o sandalwood and vanilla bean. The top notes are sweet and fleeting, made with the essential oil of blood orange.


We acknowledge and pay respect to the traditional custodians of this nation past, present and emerging. We respectfully acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land where we come together each day, the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation in Sydney, New South Wales. We also pay respect to the local aboriginal tribes of the Wollombi/Hunter valley regions which has informed much of QA’s inspiration. Wollombi valley is regarded as the meeting place for all local aboriginal tribes and as such, we pay respect to the Awabakal people to the East, the Wannaruah people to the northwest and the Darkinjung people to the south.