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So it’s been a while since I had a moment to write –  but I wanted to do an update of my garden capers. True to Australian form with the harsh climate of extremes, we find floods have given away to super dry conditions and new tree roots are unearthing as the dry soil is weathered away.  The rockery however, has bloomed! I had an inkling that grey foliage would be a winner (the wildlife hate it giving the plants a good chance at survival) so I have managed to create a grey foliage carpet of something I took a cutting from, along with lavender and rosemary and thyme which is just thriving.


The bush lemons are plentiful and despite the now seriously dry conditions, most of our native additions to the garden are holding on. The grass too had seen better days until just this month of February where the heavens opened again and my obsession with a beautifully mowed green lawn has once again taken my attention. The “Lawn envy” that overwhelms me on our country drives has encouraged me on my fortnightly work-out as I push mow around the undulating front garden that is forever exposing more rock surfaces to bend the mower blades. Ouch. The lawnmower graveyard is in need of a tip run.

But how rewarding when we can sit back and look down from our very humble deck at the carpet below. This time the wind has eased and the usual colourful array of sun-dried eucalyptus leaves scattered across the lawn allows for just a moment of pure green bliss below.

And all is well…

A bush lemon G & T

Satisfaction of mowing

The rockery